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Ernest Filart

Why am I a Physical Therapist?

When my grandfather fell resulting in a fractured cervical vertebrate, I was initially disheartened. That feeling quickly changed to inspiration when I visited him in the hospital. I can still remember the eagerness and motivation he possessed whenundergoing his own physical therapy rehabilitation to regain the strength he needed to walk and complete his daily activities. I can also vividly recallthe encouraging words and dedication that my grandfather's physical therapist demonstrated during that time to help him accomplish his goals. Since then, I wanted to be a part of that healing process and continue to be inspired.

Combining that experience with myappreciation for science led me to change professions andpursue my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at USC. With the knowledge I obtained, I am determined not only toempower people to help themselvesrecover from their musculoskeletal injuries, but assist them in preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. I believe prevention ofailments iskey to ensuring improved quality of life long term for all.

Continuing Education Commitment

I had the opportunity to completetheHealthCare Partners Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program and the year long USC Orthopedic Boot Camp Seminar Series which allowed me toreceive additionalmentorship from experts in the field of physical therapy. Additionally, I plan to pursue further education with taking the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization series from Movement Links and the Functional Movement Systems approach, whichwill help further my understanding on how to help people optimize their movement strategies and avoid injury.

Professional and Community Activities

I have had the privilege to participate in a host of volunteer programs over many years with the most recent as a mentor to graduate students while they provided physical therapy services to the under served at the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown Los Angeles. While in school, I also was an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and USC class representative helping promote our profession and increase our utilization during an age of great health care reform. On a more personal note, I spend most of my free time chasing around my 2 young energetic daughters as I am wrapped around their little fingers.

Education Background

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) – University of Southern California (2014)

Masters of Public Health (MPH) - University of Southern California (2005)

Bachelor ofScience, Psychobiology– University of California Los Angeles (1999)